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These materials will help you avoid plagiarism by teaching you how to properly integrate information from published sources into your own writing. The Capulet tomb seems to be a popular locale. ghost writer service wanted uk Mercutio finds this totally shocking—actually dishonorable—so he offers to fight Tybalt instead. Romeo tries to intervene, but Tybalt stabs Mercutio. And then in stroll the just-married Romeo.

At the same time, however, the dialogue between Romeo and Juliet takes the form of a sonnet up to the point where they kiss , which is incredibly romantic. But he rules that Romeo must be banished from Verona. research paper helper review samples In response, Juliet teasingly puns on the word "palmer" to suggest that touching hands, "palm to palm," is like kissing so Romeo, presumably, should be content with touching her hands instead of making out. How many sentences would lose something important if they were rephrased? Romeo is hiding out at Friar Lawrence's, and Friar updates him on the Tybalt situation.

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In the example below, the expert is not the author but the person about whom the author is writing: How many sentences would lose something important if they were rephrased? But he rules that Romeo must be banished from Verona.

I was hurt under your arm," he says. He delivers a lengthy speech about how herbs and plants have the Meanwhile, Lord Capulet is hanging out with County a. Quoting and paraphrasing julieta Compare this direct quote, which comes from an article in The New York Times discussing the relocation and redevelopment of a train station in New York City, with an effective paraphrase in the right column: Then she changes her mind and tells the nurse she can stay.

Meanwhile, Lord Capulet is hanging out with County a. In general , use direct quotations only if you have a good reason. Quoting and paraphrasing julieta It is generally better to paraphrase than to quote.

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Still, Romeo is worried about how they'll get in and what excuse they'll Here is an example of a block quote. Act 1, Scene 5 Summary. resume writing services prices edmonton alberta It's set in Verona, where there are two families in the same soc

He even mentions her name! Meanwhile, Lord Capulet is hanging out with County a. There are three reasons why you might prefer quotation over paraphrase for a piece of source material:

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The first time you use a source in a paper, it can be helpful to the reader if you identify the source and not just in parenthetical citation. Hit the Increase Indent button twice. Quoting and paraphrasing julieta If you can quote a few words or a phrase instead of an entire sentence, do it. Then she says the Nurse should stay with Lady Ca But Romeo refuses to be shot down.

If the writer is merely a journalist or a reporter, introducing the writer is optional. When Romeo and Juliet talk for the first time at the Capulet ball, Romeo uses his best pickup line: Time is passing in super slo-mo for Juliet, so when the Nurse finally returns, she's desperate

Wondering why Romeo didn't get the message Friar Lawrence sent him? Of course, you should do some quoting. Remember how he said that anyone caught fighting would die?

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